Zara Phillips, Colin Slade, John Key and the Welsh Dragon

Well, well, I read this morning that Zara Philips is ‘standing by her man’, English captain and husband of six weeks, Mike Tindall. For God’s sake what did he actually DO and without some attention seeking bouncer would the world have known about it? What has happened to the old adage of ‘what happens on tour stays on tour”? It’s like the fact that the cameras capture 99% of the indiscretions that happen on the field, so there appears to be very little ‘sorting it out at the bottom of a ruck’ anymore. I don’t want to watch a watered down version of the game I grew up watching. If they scrag you, let ’em have it! Anyway, I digress, so Zara is coming out to New Zealand to see him mid-tournament and has spoken to him about it over the phone (ouch). I suspect there is a highly appropriate analogy to be drawn here about getting back into the saddle when you fall off. Enough said.

My God if Colin Slade is the second best number 10 we have, then wrap Dashing Dan in cotton wool is all I can say. He had possibly one of the easiest games of his All Black career last night and he played well for the last third, after he was shifted to full back. Thank God for Piri Weepu and for excellent physios. Other than that it was a fun game to watch, love seeing those backs slicing through and scoring under the posts (stop thinking of Mike Tindall) and the grin on Sonny Bill’s face when he scored was just magic. Good on ya, SBW, you rock. And so does Ma.

And one more point about the rugby, GO the Welsh dragon tomorrow! All my Welsh blood is bubbling up and I feel about to break into Land of Our Fathers. I know one small boy who will be decorated to within an inch of his life in red and who will be SO excited tomorrow. Samoa will be a tough challenge but I think the Welsh boys are up to it. Play for those dear coal miners who lost their lives this week….it reminds of Michael Ball, the singer, once saying about his life that it wasn’t hard, his Grandfather was a coal miner, now THAT is hard work.

Saw Garry Knowles on TV at the Pike River royal commission and I do feel sorry for him. What an impossible situation he was in and he did his best, day after horrible day. And no one can say he doesn’t care.

Isn’t John Key having fun? Whether he’s delivering a speech at the opening, having a drink with the faithful in a Hamilton bar, waving to the crowd, singing the anthem – he does it all with gusto and so much wide-eyed enjoyment. I had forgotten politics could be that much fun.





2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ruth
    Sep 18, 2011 @ 03:41:49

    I’m sure there’ll be a minute’s silence at the start of the match for the four miners so tragically all found dead in the mine disaster yesterday 😦


  2. jmt4159
    Sep 18, 2011 @ 09:33:58

    I’m sure you’re right. Before the ABs played Japan they had a moment’s silence for the victims of the earthquakes in both countries. I guess it is a way for people to show respect, as long as they do, it is VERY hard to keep a rugby crowd silent.


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