Smashwords and more sales

What en exciting journey this is! This morning I’ve sold ‘Stirred not Shaken’ and that is so funny. It’s a book of short stories I wrote for fun. The title story is about a fictional spy who gets shot in a book and ends up on an island where he meets all the other fictional characters who have ‘died’, Morse, George Smiley, Philip Marlow, Jane Marple and James Bond of course.  And people want to read it! Hysterical.

The other news is that I have uploaded ‘The Secret Keeper’ to Smashwords. It took awhile to format it properly and at times it sorely tested my patience, but it is done and there was not ONE mistake and it is being considered (as we speak) for the Premiere Catalogue which sends it out to all the major ebook distributors….and the bad news is I have to go through the same painful process with the short stories to get them up there. But they are much shorter so it should be a blink of an eye.

Non-work news, All Blacks play Japan tonight in the Tron. (Hamilton) Sunday afternoon Samoa play Wales there and I spent some of yesterday preparing to deck Lucas out as a Welshman. Lots of red flags and dragons and leeks etc. Should be fun, although I suspect Samoa will be hard to beat. He will have a great time regardless.

The potatoes continue to thrive in the garden, the swan plant is growing (according to my young gardening expert) and the weather is definitely warming up. Almost time to remove the frost bite from the odd plant that suffered in the last frost. Chicken legs in peanut satay sauce for dinner tonight….                  (my Baby!!!!)




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