Selling Books

Sorry, been a bit remiss for a couple of days. But the reasons are good! I am selling units of The Secret Keeper and that makes me feel ridiculously proud and almost giddy. People want to download my book! So I need to get both books onto other platforms.

And I’m editing the manuscript to submit it to both Kobo and Smashwords, which means having the style and formatting marks on and going through it with a fine tooth comb. I took the advice and applied the ‘nuclear’ method.  Cut and paste into notepad and them back into word to get rid of all the hidden formatting, but I still have to check it by eye. Worth it though, Smashwords gives me access to all sorts of ereaders and sites.

Enough of the work, the rugby is going ahead and the minnows are doing really well. Canada beat Tonga yesterday and Georgia put up a hell of a fight against Scotland. WE play Japan tomorrow night and apparently they were training in Cambridge yesterday. I don’t think it was an open training because the news would have been in the local paper. I would have taken Lucas who has decided that Dan Carter is right up there with dinosaurs. He LOVES Dan Carter. It is rather exciting to see the tournament through the eyes of a rugby mad 5 year old. He is going to Wales v Samoa on Sunday and we will make flags over the next couple of days. I am not influencing him, he was born in Wales.

 I am knitting a peggy square blanket, with bits of odd wool, for the cat. Actually, as Lucas observed yesterday, they aren’t squares, they are all manner of different shapes. I sewed three rows together last night and it looks seriously cool. Lots of stretching and manipulating to make them fit together but Chloe isn’t going to turn her nose up at a few bumps…I hope.




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