9/11 et al

Today is the anniversary of 9/11 in the USA, yesterday here. It is one of those moments when everyone remembers where they were and always will. My cousin had died on September 7th and I was due to go to the US on a work trip, but had delayed my trip because of her funeral. She was buried September 11th NZ time and I woke up the next morning and turned on the computer to see a picture of the North Tower billowing smoke. I knew instantly I wasn’t going to be going away. Over the next week I sat on the couch and watched, mesmerised and horrified in equal measure. Probably because I was emotionally charged as a result of loss, I was very affected and I remember regularly bawling my eyes out.  Without my own personal loss I would have been on a plane between LA and New York and would have had to land somewhere and wait it out. As always, my thoughts go to the families of those who died.

On a brighter note, what fantastic rugby we have had this weekend! The minnows have done so well and Wales were ROBBED last night. It is a great spectacle and I’m proud of our little nation.

I have started to try to build my profile on Amazon, with twitter, Facebook and emailing friends and family, joined Goodread as an author etc. I know it will take time and I do have faith in the quality of the stories I tell. I am just hanging out for the first sale!! Nothing I can do about the ones up there, time to focus on the next one. And I know how lucky I am to do able to indulge my passion for writing.




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