Trash and Treasure

On the second Sunday of the month they have a Trash and Treasure market down the main drag of Cambridge. Ordinary people set up stalls and sell things, many different things. Usually I do a quick perusal and see if they have any cool dinosaurs, but today I was hunting for plants.

I got a lovely strong swan plant and we will plant it tomorrow in a nice sheltered corner of the garden and wait for the monarch butterflies to come. And I got a little bay tree because we had one in the last house and it grew from a little bay tree into a great big bay tree, so hopefully this will do the same. And I got two silverbeet plants for the vege garden so they can keep the potato plants company. We are ridiculously proud of our potato plants, we even gave them plastic houses when the frosts were still around. And now we’re ‘earthing them up’ which sounds very expert and fancy and consists of piling earth up around their stalks. We will have red stemmed silverbeet and white stemmed silverbeet. Good Lord, choices!

Watched the England versus Argentina game last night. Wilkinson missed 5 out of 7 kicks and they just won. But the best bit of all was their black kit with numbers that kept peeling off the back. Why not try something truly technologically advanced, guys, and print the numbers on your uniform? Hugh Bonnoville tweeted that they were wearing biodegradable All Black kit. Hilarious! Wales play South Africa tonight, go the mighty red dragon!!! Shall be yelling for Wales, triumph of hope over experience.


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