Humble Pie

True to my word, credit where it is due, I was really surprised by SBW last night, pleasantly surprised. He played his role to perfection, he drew tacklers and he made space for the wingers. And what a game those wingers had! Yep, second half was a bit flatter and Tonga had way too much ball, but on the whole it was a good first game and some of the moves were sublime.

Loved the opening ceremony, gorgeous graphics and it didn’t go on too long. Auckland must have been absolute chaos and I am glad I’m watching it from my living room in peaceful Cambridge. We went to Hamilton today and there wasn’t much evidence of World Cup fever, some banners and a few flags, but I guess it will warm up when the games start.

Both books are live on Amazon and I think they look pretty cool. Now I just need someone to buy one of them and read it and review it!! Nicely. Still no hurry, it’ll happen.


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