Who stole the cream?

Well how about that? After so many years of waiting and getting bored with it and wondering who will win and putting completely unfair pressure on 15 men, today is the day. The World Cup starts tonight with the ABs against Tonga. Good.

On another note I have an amazing cat. Her name is Chloe and she is black and white, about two years old and I got her from the SPCA. She has the sweetest nature and is so well-behaved, I call her when she’s outside and almost every time she comes running, with her tail in the air. But the best thing about her is she understands words. No matter where I am in the house, if I say “fish” she goes running to her plate in the kitchen. I’ve tried many other words, “tin”, “food”, “dinner”, “banana”, “biscuits”…no response. “Fish” and she’s there in a flash. Makes it hard to discuss what we’re having for dinner sometimes. And she understands “no” as well, as in “no, Grandma’s lap isn’t a good place to aim for.” 

Every morning she sits in the conservatory at my feet. She waits for me to finish breakfast and then she’s in my lap and up into my arms for a cuddle. She knows to wait until I put the plate down but not a second longer in case I stand up. You know what they say, dogs have masters but cats have slaves. So true.

Who stole the cream?


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